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Mechanical Engineers know about machine. They design engines, robots, and generators. But they also design everyday items like kitchen appliances and power tools. Whatever the device – if it has moving parts, mechanical engineers were almost certainly involved in its creation. That’s because this is the broadest of all engineering disciplines. Some Mechanical Engineers, for example, do the research needed to create a product. Others design the product itself, while still others design the machines to make the product. When an item is highly technical, mechanical engineers may even be involved in selling the product. You’ll need excellent math and science skills, plus the ability to think analytically and to deal with abstract ideas. A knack for creative problem-solving is also helpful. The work can be demanding, but mechanical engineers often get to see their designs turned into new products or machines, which can be very satisfying indeed.

Mechanical Engineering plays a very important role in various aspects of life and industry. Therefore, the concentration in our program is directed to the “DESIGN & PROCESS ENGINEERING”